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小小基地 X YWCA女青年總會 夏日狂熱之大自然探索 Green Fiesta


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小小基地 X YWCA女青年總會 夏日狂熱之大自然探索 Green Fiesta

  • YWCA International Kids Club 1 Macdonnell Road Hong Kong (map)

利用有趣的活動及手工藝讓小朋友認識及愛護大自然。活動包含各種大自然元素,昆蟲、植物引申至環保概念。Through hands-on learning activities and games, our kids will learn concepts of ecological balance, natural life sustainability and insects world.

Nature- Bug Detective - 「蟲」身發現    對昆蟲來說,夏天是勤奮工作的好時候!讓我們一起學習分辨香港夏日常見的昆蟲。 Let’s discover different species of insects in Hong Kong this summer!

Art / Plant Plant Plant - 種植班 觸摸泥土,讓種植成為樂趣,拉近與地球的連繫。親手設計花盆,透過培植幼苗,讓孩子學習愛護環境。

 Let children explore the wonder of nature through hands-on work and create botanical crafts.

 Science -Leaf Magnifier  / 解剖葉問認識樹葉結構、葉綠素光合作用等概念,了解綠色生命的運作之餘並透過科學實驗一同製作葉脈書籤。

Making your own beautiful leaf skeleton is a fun DIY project where you understand leaf structure and the function of Chlorophyll in Photosynthesis through the science experiment !  

 Sensory / Nature play with clay 細愛陶源


While exploring the creative possibilities of clay and natural ingredients, kids can find ways to express their feeling and experiences.

 Green-Green living / 減廢升級好生活綠色生活才是住得好的代表!加點心意,小小意思,利用回收物資,製出實用健康小家品!
The used water bottles, cartons, jars that quickly fill your recycling bin offer a treasure trove of fun,  getting kids involved in recycled craft project is a great way to encourage awareness and care for the environment and sustainability.

日期:20/7-17/8 (Fri)
時間:上午班 11:30-13:00|下午班14:30-16:00